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Property Marketing

We work to fill your vacancies quickly, using a proven combination of marketing and promotional tools. We also schedule showings until we find the right tenant.

Tenant Screening

We carefully screen all applicants and only approve those who meet our strict internal criteria. We use financial and background checks to qualify renters for your home.

Rent Collection

Still worried about getting your rent checks on time each month? Call in the experts and let us keep your tenant accounts current. We handle all monthly billing and collection on your behalf.


When problems arise in your rental property, we jump into action quickly. We coordinate repairs, handle all associated invoicing, and keep your property in good shape.

Property Inspections

Ongoing inspections give us the chance to see what's happening behind the scenes. We frequently visit every property in our portfolio and enforce the terms of our leases.

Financial Reporting

We provide comprehensive monthly statements detailing the ins and outs of your recent performance. Sign into your account at any time to take a look.


We rarely need to resort to eviction measures, but should one ever become necessary, we will walk you through the legal process & find a replacement tenant.

Legal Guidance

Don't find yourself running afoul of Oregon's many landlord-tenant laws and ordinances. We keep you playing by the rulebook, in turn protecting your financial interests.

Why Choose Integrity Property Management?

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We Keep You Informed

When you have questions or concerns about your rental property, we are never more than a phone call or an email away. We work to remain easily accessible and do everything in our power to keep you in the loop.

Powerful Technology Keeps Us Connected

Unlike some managers still using management techniques from the past century, we've adopted modern tools like digital property listings and online accounts to make it easy for tenants & clients alike to stay connected to us.

Top Tier Customer Service is Our Priority

Providing the best possible service for our clients across the Rogue Valley is our constant goal. We aim to go the extra mile whenever necessary and help you hit your performance benchmarks.

Integrity Defines How We Operate

Maintaining the highest levels of integrity is so important we've put it in our name. We never use hidden costs or fees to hit you where it hurts and we're committed to remaining transparent with you.


"A total professional and easy to work with. Excellent knowledge of the Oregon rental laws and always looking out for your interest while making sure the tenants are happy too."

Sharon C.

Property Owner
Los Angeles, CA

"Living out of state can pose a lot challenges for me as a property owner. But I've able to rest a lot easier knowing I can rely on Evan. He handles every step reliably and professionally. I have peace of mind knowing that I've got him in my corner."

Josh M.

Property Owner
Burbank, CA



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