How do I get my full security deposit back?

At Integrity Property Management, we’re interested in getting your security deposit back to you. The short and simple answer to the question, “How do I get my full security deposit back” is to leave the property in the exactly same condition as when you moved in.

The State of Oregon does allow landlords to deduct the cost of carpet cleaning from the security deposit, if the carpets were cleaned before the tenant moved in. When renting from us, we always have carpets professionally cleaned before renting a property out. You can pay to have the carpets cleaned by a professional and submit a receipt to get your full deposit back. Or we can have it done after you move out and we’ll deduct it from your security deposit. We can usually have it done cheaper with our preferred vendors than a one-time customer can get. The carpets must be professionally cleaned, so renting a carpet shampoo machine does not fulfill the requirement.

In addition to the carpets being cleaned properly, review the list below of items that will need your attention when moving out.

  •        All floors swept, washed, and waxed.
  •        All walls & ceilings dusted down & all dirt, smudges, & grease washed off.
  •        Wash down all baseboards, woodwork, and windowsills.
  •        Clean and wash all light fixtures and vent covers.
  •        Thoroughly clean all bathroom fixtures – toilet (s), bathtub (s), showers, sinks, and cabinets.
  •        Kitchen, Clean, wash inside & outside, removing all dirt & grease including kitchen sink & fixtures
  •        Clean behind & between stove and refrigerator area.
  •        Clean storage area.
  •        Sweep & wash hallway floors and dust hallway walls.
  •        Clean closets, shelves, & rods wiped down.
  •        Clean all windows, storms, screens, and return them to their proper place.
  •        Remove all items from attic, crawlspace, basement, yard, shed, etc.
  •        Lawn, garage, outbuildings, to be free of all trash, rubbish, cigarette butts, and personal property
  •        Lawn trimmed and cut properly, including removal of leaves.
  •        All trash and garbage to be removed from property. DO NOT PILE up garbage at the curb.
  •        Remove all garbage from property before your inspection.
  •        Do not remove phone jacks, picture hooks, or curtain rods and brackets.
  •        Repair or replace any broken door stops.
  •        LIGHT BULBS – ALL light fixtures are to have working light bulbs in ALL bulb sockets.
  •        Smoke alarm(s) will be in working order with good battery.