How to read your property financial report

At Integrity Property Management, we believe very strongly in full financial disclosure. After all, if we are managing your money and your property, you have the right to have very single cent accounted for. If you’re not used to looking at financial statements, the monthly reports can be a little confusing. The graphics below are meant to help you understand what you’re looking at.

When you receive your monthly report, there will be three pages: 1) a property summary report, 2) an income statement report and 3) a complete transactions report. The property summary reports shows the current balance we are holding on your behalf, including tenants’ security deposits. The income statement report drills down to take a closer look at the income and expenses of a given property. And the transactions report shows every single transaction that goes in or out of your account so you know for sure where your money is being spent and from where money is coming in. If you ever need help understanding your reports, you can call us anytime and we’d be happy to help.

Property Summary
Income Statement