Learning actionable knowledge with Skill Share

It wasn’t until later in life that I appreciated learning. For me, going through school was just a matter of meeting a requirement. As I matured I learned to appreciate learning new things. But it wasn’t until recently I was able to see learning as an investment. Sometimes seminars, classes and education can be awfully expensive. But as I have come to see it, if learning something helps me make a sell, then it is well worth the investment. For example, suppose you take a class on staging for $350, and that knowledge helps you make a sell in which you earn a $5,000 commission, that’s a more than 1400% return on investment. Learning a new skill is actually your best investment.

Enter Skill Share. SkillShare.com is a subscription based library of online classes. But these are not YouTube grade tutorials shot by wannabe’s in mom’s basement. These classes are high quality produced videos from instructors who are qualified in their fields. I have taken classes on SEO, Google Adwords, branding, cold calling and growth marketing. They also have several classes on real estate investing, real estate marketing and networking. I have certainly benefited from the classes offered at only $15 a month. And if you’re up for making video classes on skills you have to share, you can actually get paid when people take your course.

If you’d like to try it out for two months free, use my referral link here. (By the way, any gain on free is an ROI of infinity).