Professional Looking Listing Photos at a Fraction of the Cost

Of course, whenever possible, it is best to hire a professional real estate photographer to take your listing pictures. There is a clear difference between professional pictures which catch the eye and photos the agent takes with a cell phone. However, there are times it just isn’t in the marketing budget or your time frame for getting the listing out doesn’t fit into your photographer’s schedule. Introducing

A photographer taking pictures is only half the work. The real work begins when the photographer edits those pictures to make them look appealing. BoxBrownie is an online service which takes your photos and edits them for a professional look in a 24 hour turn around time. Their impressive editing services include image enhancement, day to dusk, image removal (like objects in bathroom mirrors) and much more. They also do virtual staging and floor plans. You pay per photo, from around $1 to $4 with unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. These final touches can really make your listings stand out, especially if a professional photographer is not available.